Everything you need to know about Detox and why it is important?

Hey Guys now everyone would have probably heard of Detox teas they are extremely popular nowadays but not many of us know what it does and how it cleanses our bodies.
Well basically Detoxes rid the body of the toxins, chronic health problems and allergies. It gives you the chance to have a healthy life without having to depend on medicine. But you’re probably wondering what happens in your body when your detox. Well, here a few things that happen.
Intestines: These get to do some extra work by making you have a ton of bowel movements, depending on what you put in your body during a detox. For example, if you are drinking detox juices, you’re going to have more frequent bowel movements. And since detoxes require a lot of water, you are going to have to urinate more as well.
Better breath: Since junk food lacks the right vitamins your mouth needs, bacteria forms in your mouth, which causes stinky breath. In general, junk food is hard to digest and forms gas in your esophagus. When you first start a detox, your breath may smell bad because it’s working the toxins out of your mouth, but this is only temporary. Eventually, the detox will clean out all of the bacteria and the next thing you know your breath will smell so fresh and so clean.
Boosts Your Immune System: During detoxes, you give your organs a chance to do its magic by properly working the way it should. Your immune system gets an extra kick because you’ll be able to suck in nutrients like a sponge. It needs to be strong so your body is able to handle colds or the flu.
So these are some of the good things that happen to your body when you detox. It’s like a body awakening! Keep in mind detoxes can be a huge shock to your body as there are tons of detox brands out there but my favorite one which i love taking is Aloe Vera Blossom tea This is a special Tea to me as it is Natural Based Aloe Vera Tea with:
– No Caffeine (Decaf)
– No Calories
– Sleep Like a Baby
– Improve Immune System
– Smells Wonderful
– Tastes Super Good
Try this amazing tea and allow its health benefits to take care of you and your loved ones. Share your impressions, comments or questions with us and enjoy in this wonderfull tea.
Order Your Aloe Vera Tea here http://www.sonyasfitness.flp.com or simply email for inquiries sonyasfitness@flp.com 

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