Look Years Younger with Marine Mask

marine-mask-treatment-sm-1Discover the Pure Power of Skincare with Forever Marine Mask

The look you crave and the skin you deserve in just 60 minutes. Read the secrets of Deep Skin Rejuvenation with Forever Marine Mask. All natural skincare solution for all type of skin, just follow the steps below to look younger with this combination.

Deep Skin Rejuvenation with Forever Marine Mask

  • Cleanse with Aloe Cleanser
  • Apply a combination of Aloe Vera Gelly, Alpha E Factor & Aloe Moisturizing Lotion on the face
  • Apply the Forever Marine Mask by combining Aloe Activator and Forever Marine Mask
  • Place a Forever Facial Fabrique on the face
  • Apply one more coat of Aloe Activator &  Forever Marine Mask paste on the fabrique
  • Relax for approximately 45-60 minutes or until the fabrique is completely dry, limiting facial movements
  • Gently remove the fabrique and rinse with warm water to remove any fabrique residue
  • Spray with Rehydrating Toner and wipe with cotton
  • Complete your beauty regimen with Firming Day Lotion or Recovering Night Cream.

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