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Clean 9 weight loss program Day 1

Day 1 of Clean 9

I planned my day the previous night. I set my goals: lose 9lbs in 9 days, detox my body and learn how clean 9 works on my body and have a flat belly. I woke up, measured and weighted myself: 135lbs. Desired weight in 9 days= 126lbs.

Desired body looks like here:

first day on weight loss

  • I followed the booklet, but instead of skim milk I used water and aloe gel to mix my shake with. It was okay. I did 20 minutes moderate exercise on my Lateral Tight Trainer.
  • I did not feel hungry.
  • My energy level was high and I was 100% confident that I was going to finish this program.
  • The only side effect was the taste of my mouth, I could taste my so called “silver fillings”. I was taking Royal Jelly or Kids multivitamin when I could not tolerate it any longer, it helped. I had my last drink before I went to bed 11.30pm.
  • I had a great sleep.

Joe’s experience of Day 1 of Clean 9

Started Clean 9 program today (April 16th)at 6:30 AM. I have followed the program exactly as the book instructs. So far I have no hunger pains. I don’t feel hungry at all. I have been drinking a lot of water and this will help with the cleansing process. My starting weight is 190 lbs. My main goal is to lose 5-10 pounds and to have more energy. We all can do it! By the way I am 72 years old.

Anita’s experience with Clean 9:

My first day went well, I was hungry on and off until the afternoon then it has stopped. I had a little temptation while we colored the eggs with the kids for Easter. Some of the egg’s shells broke and I cut the eggs up for the kids (before coloring) It has been such a long time since I had cooked eggs:) I wonder how Janos and Kata doing?

The rest of you ahead of us – I envy you for your 600 cal meal:) Keep it up! Clean 9 rocks indeed.

Janos and Katas first day experience with Clean 9

Hey Clean 9 Team, the first day is over. What can I say….I could eat like there is no tomorrow but I have to tough it out. I definitely will finish the program and looking forward to hear from You Clean 9 Team….Keep it upp..Keep it upp!! Kata is tough as a nail, she doesn’t have a problem with the no food situation. She just complained to me how come we have to drink another 4 oz aloe vera gel again, we already had “dinner” :))

Nali’s first experience with Clean 9:

 I started with the Clean 9 for the first time. I really got excited by the natural ingredients and aloe and bee pollen. I have tried fasting in the past but I get dizzy and feel like I don’t have enough nutrients so I give up. This time I realized that the aloe and bee pollen has all the nutrition you need while you clean your system. I followed the instructions to the letter, and all day I have felt great, with plenty of energy. But the energy quit on me at 6 pm and I had made buckwheat pizza for my husband, so guess what, I had a slice! But it is only olive oil, natural tomatoes and so I feel OK with it, but I really should not do that again. Has anyone had experiences where you cheat? Did you give up completely? I plan to do it all again tomorrow and this time realize that eating made me feel worse, even though it gave me more energy! I had a slight headache after I ate, like an allergic reaction, and I had been feeling superb all day up to then. I will have my aloe before bed and be done for the day.  Now with the Clean 9, I am simply taking care of business and removing the chemicals and other things from my system. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to feel better. Most problems start with toxins, even being overweight, especially if the weight is in the belly. I will keep you posted about Clean 9 tomorrow!


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