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Successful Weight Loss with Forever!

My weight dropped from 78kg to 66kg, I felt energetic and healthy throughout the program offered by Forever Living. Norbanon binti Abdul Bakar

weight loss success My weight passed the 60kg 6years ago after I gave birth to my fourth child. It was approaching 80kg earlier this year, perhaps due to a few factors – slower metabolism due to natural ageing, excessive calorie intake and taking slimming products (not from Forever) that caused weight rebound. I was not prepared to try any other weight management products because I was afraid history would repeat itself.

Anyway, for health reasons, I was taking two nutritional products. After taking Aloe Vera Gel and Forever Artic Sea, I found that I was eating less rice, possibly because my intestine was cleaner than before, and my nutritional needs were better fulfilled. That gave me some hope.

I went on to take Forever’s detox and weight management program. At the end of it, I was given an unforgettable gift in the form of reduced clothes size from 44 to 40. A pleasant experience also gave good results!

Norbanon weigh loss success

Weight Loss: 9.7kg / Fat loss 7.1%

I am more than satisfied with the results of 99 days of life-changing nutrition and healthier way of living. Siew Mee Heong

Sieng Mee Heong weight loss successThis year, I did a blood test that caused me to take serious notice – I got diabetes. My fasting blood glucose reading was 8.4mmol/L, and I was overweight at 78.8kg with fat composition 42.2%. I was fearful of the health impact arising from diabetes, and also afraid to take medication for the rest of my life. Once I was convinced of the relationship between my weight and health, I accepted Forever’s detox and weight management program. I ought one se of Clean 9 and 3 sets of Lifestyle 30. I followed the program for total 99 days (9days for Clean 9 and 30 days for each set of Lifestyle 30). What was great that I was feeling healthier during the program. At the end of it, I shed a total of 9.7kg weight, my fat composition was reduced to 35.1% and my fasting blood glucose level went to the healthy range at 5.4mmol/L. I am happy to have regained my health and confidence. Thanks to Forever!

If you want to continue your weight loss with the Lifestyle 30 program and it is not available in your country please take the following products:

weight loss success


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