Boost Your Energy Levels in GYM!

I’ve been using an L-Arginine supplement called ARGI+ for almost 7 months now, during which time I have seen tangible benefits in performance improvement and decreased recovery time between exercise sessions. However, the first question that people normally ask me is if tastes good too, to which the easy answer is yes! It is also tested and certified by HFL Sports Science / LGC Group , one of the world’s premier independent drug surveillance laboratories, providing internationally trusted expertise in all aspects of doping control for professional sports.

So you have a poor diet? Take L-Arginine (and sort your diet out!). Want to run faster for longer? Take L-Arginine. Want to recover quicker? Take L-Arginine.


So now that we have a way of helping our blood vessels dilate, what benefits can you expect to see? the following:

Healthy blood pressure levels, Overall cardiovascular health, Immune function, Muscle growth, Bone & tissue growth & repair, Male sexual function, Fat and glucose metabolism, Anti-aging hormone production.


I have been taking ARGI+ with the aim of training harder and recovering more quickly. I take it  regularly now, both before exercise for an added boost and afterwards to help my recovery time. I have also experimented with sometimes taking it, sometimes not, for example before structured interval training.

I also take ARGI+ after exercise to speed up recovery. If I do not, my legs have noticeably more ache the following day and less willingness to do the following day’s training at the required exertion. If I’ve had a tough session, I take it just before bed so that it keeps my blood vessels dilated while I’m asleep, while the body is in repair mode.

What the experts say.

Many top athletes are using ARGI+. so here’s what those who are at the elite end of the fitness spectrum have to offer.

Kristin Möller: 2013 Lanzarote Ironman Champion – “I trust in the power of ARGI+. During training for middle and long distance, regeneration plays a very important role. ARGI+ helps me do the next training sooner and more refreshed, even after hard training. ARGI+ is now an integral part of my training, competition and everyday life.

Robert Förstemann: Bronze in the Velodrome team sprint at the 2012 Olympics – “Thanks to ARGI + which has increased my mobilization and improved my ability to recover detectably

Katherine Mueller: 2012 – first Place ETU European Triathlon Cup – “I use ARGI+ as my regenerative supplement

Guenther Weidlinger: 2011 Austria Half Marathon champion – “Since using ARGI+ I’ve seen a huge jump. ARGI + has enabled me to better performance.

André Pollmächer: 2011 Germany Half Marathon champion – “ARGI + is absolutely fantastic, I drink it every day before my workout. I am able to regenerate quicker and relieve my pain in the feet

Stefan Schmid: 2010 Ironman World Champion Hawaii – “Since ARGI+, I am recovering faster, I’m ill less often and feel more energetic. Also, an arginine product that actually tastes good!


ARGI+ is a great tasting L-Arginine supplement which benefits from the added proprietory blend of vitamins and antioxidants which are needed during the creation of nitric oxide in the body which dilates the blood vessels, helping increase performance and decreasing recovery time. It is endorsed by many expert athletes and by Nobel Prize winning researchers. I use it daily.

You can BUY IT DIRECT by clicking here to ensure you get the 60 day guarantee.




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